New in Karaoke Builder Studio 3.0

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Each line can now have one of 20 different styles, which you control. Change the font, colours, outline, shadow, even the type of sweeping for each and every line in your track.
Use any font, anywhere on screen, as many different fonts as you like. Different fonts for male and female, or fancy symbol fonts to show who should be singing, or what guitar chord is playing.
Free Movement of Text
Total control over your text: move it across, up, down and even rotate it at an angle (yes it will still sweep as you sing, even at 45 degrees).
No commands to learn
Other CD+G software makes you type in complex commands to have this much control, but in Karaoke Builder Studio just decide what you want to do, click a button and it's done.
Better duets
Duets have always been easy in Karaoke Builder Studio, but if two singers sing different lyrics at the same time, what do you do? In version 3.0 it's a piece of cake - make another copy of the line for the second vocalist and type in new words. They'll already be synchronised together, and your karaoke track will show them changing colour on screen both at the same time.
So that your singers can be ready to begin, add a countdown to count them in. 2 mouse clicks and it's done.
Special Effects
Not only have we added more special effects, we've made it possible to use them in more places. Now you can make each page of lyrics appear and disappear using any of 70 great effects. Want to fade in a page and spiral it out? Scroll the words in from one side and wipe them out once they've been sung? Karaoke Builder Studio lets you do it all.
Easier to use
We added more, but we made it easier to use. There are dozens of changes - so many we can't begin to list them here - all designed to make the job of creating great karaoke tracks quicker and easier, even for the beginner.
Create AVI Video
Convert ANY CD+G track to AVI video, and (a first for Karaoke Builder Studio) add a photo-quality background to the whole video for a stunning, professional effect.